Crossroads Pregnancy Care (a division of Mission Share inc.) provides free, comprehensive and confidential assistance to woman of all ages who find themselves facing an unexpected pregnancy and in need of support. Services include free pregnancy testing, pregnancy option information, medical referrals, pregnant teen and teen parenting support groups, basic food/clothing assistance, and baby care needs. Your donation to Crossroads Pregnancy Care in 2016 will help provide the resources needed to purchase training materials, course curriculum, and mandatory training for our  team of compassionate and caring volunteer staff members.

Back-To-School Program

Every August Mission share purchases and distributes 500 back packs filled with school supplies to students in the Greece, Charlotte, Hilton communities who are members of families registered to receive support from Mission Share.  We distribute the back packs during a fun filled evening involving games, inflatables, and a picnic dinner including ice cream.  



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Back Pack Outreach

Food Market

Thanksgiving Food Baskets

Christmas Food Baskets

Christmas Hope

Mission Share General Fund


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